Best practices for Building Software: DevOps & Agile Methodologies

Building software for your organization is a time-intensive effort that will require a cross-functional team effort. Some of the most popular software development practices include DevOps and Agile methodologies. DevOps fostered collaboration and integration of the development and operations team while Agile methodologies focused on using software over rigid processes. While some practices between both overlap, we’ll explore how we can use both methods to make your software development process more efficient. 


devops and agile management

Agile methodologies was implemented in software development prior to the rise of DevOps. During the early dot com years(1990s and early 2000s), agile methodologies were used to propel some of the most notable companies today like Google and Paypal. Agile methodologies focuses on speed and rapid delivery over focusing on the minimal details. The Agile method  focuses on improving the feedback loop of software development. By failing and reiterating more quickly, products are developed quicker and . Agile teams need to be flexible, collaborative and adaptive to successfully utilize the Agile methodologies. It improves the testing of products by focusing on getting feedback and encourages experimentation. By sprinting through feedback loops, products are tested and improved faster resulting in a better product at the end. Many developers have come into contact with Agile methodologies at one point or another; some companies emphasize it more than others, but it’s a great alternative to traditional software project management. Simple steps to start implementing Agile management to software development include setting out your product roadmap, planning sprints for the product and reviewing it as soon as possible.


DevOps is another popular software development practice. DevOps is a hybrid of software development (Dev) and operations (Ops) to accelerate and make software development more efficient by utilizing cross-functional teams. DevOps incorporates a lot of the principles that Agile methodologies encouraged, but it also emphasizes the collaboration between teams during all stages of the development cycle. DevOps came from the demand and speed of the software market. With new startups and incumbents continuously emerging with new solutions, applying DevOps to software became more of a necessity. DevOps became an industry standard for software because it is built upon former principles like Agile methodologies while incorporating teamwork between the development and operations teams. Some ways to start implementing DevOps include removing barriers between teams, encouraging autonomy and using real-time feedback between teams.



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