Trending technologies:  Angular, React, Javascript, .Net core

Building your next application will require you to select the best technological framework. Some current trending technologies include angular, react, javascript and .net core. We’ll explore some of their benefits and which framework is best for your next application.

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The angular framework is written in pure javascript. Angular can be utilized to build virtually any application; it is best with applications that aren’t too complex for first-time use. This can be similar to an application that can collect data and performs functions with the data. Although angular is not the easiest to learn for developers, once grasped it can perform powerful results with little code. It allows developers to write single page applications easily because it  already comes with features like data-binding, change-detection, forms and HTTP-implementation. Angular is a great platform option for applications that look to scale efficiently because it develops across all platforms.



React, sometimes identified as ReactJS, is a javascript library for building interactive user interfaces. React allows developers to create large web applications that use data that changes over time without having to reload the page. It is a great framework for applications that are looking for speed and scalability; companies that are using react include Facebook, Netflix and Instagram. React uses JSX, a simple Javascript, instead of using regular Javascript. This allows it to use HTML quoting and use the HTML tag syndex to render subcomponents. Additionally, react allows you to interface with other libraries and frameworks; this allows it to interact with external plugins more seamlessly.


Javascript is the most basic and easy to learn framework for developers. It’s an application framework that is written in Javascript (the programming language).  Javascript frameworks are a collection of JavaScript code libraries that provide developers with pre-written code for routine features and tasks. Javascript has several subcategories for frameworks; this includes Vue, Redux and GraphQL. The Javascript framework is extremely broad and can be applied universally on virtually any application.


.Net Core:

.Net Core is another broad framework that can be used on applications. It is very useful for applications that have cross platform needs (windows, linux and MacOs) and target microservices. Additionally, it is effective for applications that require high performance and need to be scalable. Although .Net Core isn’t the easiest programming language to learn for developers, it comes with support from Microsoft developers. Microsoft has recently made a significant effort to open source .Net Core and provide support for developers who are using it to build applications.


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